Building Your Dream Home in Star, ID
with Albertson Construction

It is exciting to dream about the many features you could include in a custom home, and even more exciting when you find a trusted builder that can make your dream a reality.

Albertson Construction can deliver a home that embodies your dream house come true. We specialize in building fully custom homes in the western Treasure Valley. We all have a list of longed-for elements with varying levels of specificity–a home that fits all of our wishes, our lifestyle, and our budget.  As a premier custom home builder, we assure you that this is all within reach. We create signature homes to reflect your personal style and meet your family's needs.
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Journey from a Custom Home Vision to a Fully Built Reality

Building a custom home in Star with us is a collaborative journey from start to finish. Our team of skilled architects and builders ensures the transition from dream to blueprint to your new custom-built home is seamless and trouble-free.

In Star, our homes are known not just for fitting into the landscape but also for being masterpieces of residential art.
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Additions and Remodels

When dreams change, or circumstances, you may want to remodel or add on to your home. For either major projects like adding a new section to your house or smaller scope projects, like updating a master bathroom, the aid of a general contractor can save you a great many headaches, and a lot of time.
Whether it's a small change, or a full remodel, Albertson Construction can assist you. 

Quality Construction Services

Albertson Construction also offers a range of other construction services in Star. 

  • Construction Framing- Contractors throughout Treasure Valley regularly seek out our services when they need a building framed. We frame commercial as well as residential builds.
  • Siding Installation- Protect your home and up your curb appeal with our carefully chosen siding products and skilled installation process. 
  • Concrete Work- Each property can be elevated figuratively if not literally with foundations, retaining walls, stamped concrete patios, and more. 

We've been in the construction business for years, with many more years of experience in all areas of construction. From planning to putting the finishing touches on a new home or apartment complex.

A General Contractor who Stands Apart

Albertson Construction is a locally based, family business. Choosing Albertson Construction as your general contractor means you’re partnering with a team that prioritizes quality and integrity.

Our experience in custom home building provides a unique space designed specifically for you, creating not just homes but lasting legacies of comfort and style, infused with personal touches that make them true signature homes.


A Glimpse into Our Custom Remodeling & Construction Work

Ready to remodel or build your custom home? Browse our custom-built & remodeled homes for ideas about what we can achieve for your vision. Then contact us or call (208) 697-9045 to get started. We build and remodel dream homes throughout Star, Emmett, Wilder, Caldwell, Nampa, Fruitland, and Greenleaf, Idaho. 
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